Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
Education and Training As Value Creation: Curriculum, Assessment, and Instructional Design
Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
Focalpoint is a curriculum, assessment, and instructional design consulting company dedicated
to providing high-quality, affordable solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. Focalpoint
specializes in developing end-to-end solutions that are tailored to fit your academic or business
goals, budget, and desired performance outcomes. These solutions can be rolled out as a
comprehensive package, implemented in phases, applied individually, or offered just-in-time. It's
up to you!

Focalpoint employs an award-winning, theoretically based Define-Design-Develop-Demonstrate
process that focuses on quality, efficiency, and measurement validity. The application of this
process, along with a set of unique core competencies, allows Focalpoint to consistently exceed
quality and efficiency expectations.
"Sarah has a killer combination of purpose, talent, poise, and tenacity that delivers results
beyond your expectations. She capitalized on every opportunity to improve the quality of our
academic offerings by rallying diverse leaders, empowering others, educating, and driving
projects to their goals. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah for any effort promoting quality."

— Jeff Grann, PhD, Assistant Director: Academic Quality Analytics

"Sarah is very easy to work with. She is both very creative and very efficient, a rare combination!
Her work consistently exceeds my expectations. She also has a first-rate understanding of the
business world and of the development process for interactive, highly complex projects.”

— Daniel Gumnit, Executive Director.
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