Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
About Focalpoint
Sarah Quale, Focalpoint's principal
consultant, has over a decade of
experience in the writing industry,
from marketing communications
and copywriting to technical writing
and training development. For the
past 10 years, she has focused
her talents and skills on
instructional design, training
development, and assessment in
both academic and business
Sarah Quale - instructional designer
Sarah is a creative, passionate, and articulate professional who
leverages her unique, versatile skill set and
experience to consistently exceed quality and efficiency

Focalpoint is based in Corcoran, MN, just outside of
Minneapolis, where Sarah lives with her husband Seth; their
identical twin daughters, Tessa and Alison; and their two
bumbling labs. Outside of the office, Sarah enjoys policy
research, studying leadership theory and practice, and listening
to and playing music. She is a member of the American Society
for Training and Development, Society for Technical
Communications, The Critical Thinking Community, Heritage
Foundation, and the Kirby Center for Constitutional Studies and
Citizenship at Hillsdale College. She is pursuing a master's
degree in Educational Psychology at Capella University.
Instructional design, training development, and e-learning