Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
Core Competencies
Sarah Quale, Focalpoint's principal consultant, brings her
professionalism, collaborative spirit, tenacity, attention to detail,
and focus on quality and efficiency to every project. These
valuable skills, complimented by a natural talent, technical
aptitude, and extensive experience, shape Focalpoint's unique
core competencies. These core competencies are unmatched in
the current consulting market:

  • Leveraging best practices in curriculum, assessment,
    and instructional design to deliver effective, customized
    solutions that provide measurable results.
  • Applying a structured, theoretically based design and
    development process to create assessment instruments
    and instructional activities that are clear, valid, and well-
    aligned with performance outcomes.
  • Developing creative, innovative online media content,  
    classroom activities, and self-study materials that tap into
    multiple learning styles and promote an engaging
    learning experience.
  • Streaming complex subject matter into accurate, concise,
    and easily digestible content to build a solid conceptual
    framework for learners.
  • Delivering high-quality solutions on time, within budget,
    and to project specifications, all while exceeding
Instructional design, training development, and e-learning