Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
What Focalpoint Offers
Focalpoint collaborates with your subject matter experts in the
design and development process. The design decisions made
during the process drive the development of your customized
solution, which can include:

  • Logic modeling/needs assessment.
  • Conceptual framework for curriculum development.
  • Comprehensive, outcomes-based curriculum plan.
  • Assessment instrument design (pre-, during, and post-
  • Follow-up survey instruments to measure training
    outcome performance against business goals.
  • Self-study materials that provide the baseline knowledge
    learners need to prepare for classroom or online learning.
  • Instructor guides, participant guides, workbooks, and
    presentations for classroom learning.
  • Train-the-trainer materials.
  • Interactive media scripts, storyboards, and wireframes for
    online learning.
  • Online assessment instruments for certification or testing.
  • Instructional and/or presentation templates.
  • Training resource libraries.
  • Job aids and field guides.
  • Process and procedure documentation.

Focalpoint also offers
editorial services for the above
instructional products, and more! See a
list of industries in which
Focalpoint has provided end-to-end curriculum, assessment, and
instructional design solutions.
Instructional design, training development, and e-learning