Instructional design, training development, and e-learning
Design and Development Process
Focalpoint's award-winning end-to-end process begins with the
end in mind (Covey, 1989). In order to ensure accuracy and
validity in measuring and reporting on training outcome
performance, Focalpoint focuses first on developing performance
outcomes and then, a complete conceptual framework for those
outcomes. From that framework, learning competencies and
objectives are developed, which later become the subjects of
direct assessment during and after the training.

Focalpoint then moves into assessment design. This step in the
process is based on the Understanding by Design (UbD) model,
which stresses the importance of designing an assessment plan
first, before focusing on activities and content, in order to achieve
understanding (Wiggins & McTighe, 2005). Through adaptation of
the UbD model, Focalpoint creates assessments and  
instructional activities that engage learners in inquiry, promote
transfer and retention of learning, and provide a conceptual
framework for the knowledge and skills that are necessary in
day-to-day work.

Sarah Quale, Focalpoint's principal consultant, works closely with
your subject matter experts (SMEs) at each step in the process.
She knows the essential questions to ask and has the utmost
respect for your SMEs' professional and personal schedules.
Sarah has the skills and experience to efficiently guide your SMEs
through the entire process to ensure all decisions align directly
with your business goals and the desired performance outcomes.
"To begin with
the end in mind
means to start
with a clear
of your
destination. It
means to know
where you're
going so that
you better
where you are
now, so that the
steps you take
are always in
the right

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Instructional design, training development, and e-learning